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Personalize your 
sound therapy

Based on the frequencies from your own voice

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Voiceflow is a personalized sound therapy created from voice analysis and designed to bring relief and harmony on an individual level.

It affects a person in a gentle but powerful way by putting the oscillatory pattern of the dis balanced area back to its normal flow.


Voiceflow utilizes various frequencies related to the body in combination with different brainwave states.


The frequency cocktail is blended into a healing ambiance taking you on a beautiful meditative sonic journey. 

The created program is 10 to 15 min long, arranged, and recorded in high-quality production.

Voiceflow is a specially designed program that uses sonic entrainment technology based on the biomarkers within

the frequencies of your own voice. 


The program requires a recorded sample of your voice that is used for analysis. 

Once the voiceprint is analyzed, showing one's body/mind condition, a unique personal  sonic program is created.



IBAN: HR8324840081101796150

Voiceflow 2021.

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