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Experience the power of sound healing and sonic entrainment

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Everything around us and inside of us is vibrating

On a quantum level, nothing is solid, and every movement, no matter how small it is, produces a sound. 


Sound can tune people that are out of tune, out of their natural harmonic resonance. We are like little orchestras; if one trumpet is out of tune, the whole orchestra will soon be out of tune. It is all about harmony and balance.   


Sound is a tool that can tune the human body, emotions, mind, and soul; it is a key that helps you open the doors to the pathway of healing yourself. 

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Ballet Dancer Duo

The sound and the silence

The male and the female, the yin and the young, the light and the shadow, the day and the night, the matter and the anti-matter, the everything and the nothing...

The beauty of harmonizing life Is realizing its dualism and learning how to balance it. When using sound for healing, the healing happens in the space between the notes. Sound is the tool, but silence is the place where you start your healing process. 

The House of Sound&Silence

Trg Petra Preradovića 3

10 000 Zagreb 


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