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Blackbird method

Unique approach by Petra


Basis of the Blackbird method

I have been researching and testing sound frequencies for the past ten years, and during this time, I developed a specific method of creating therapies that has shown to be very effective with my clients. I call it the Blackbird method, and it is a combination of the ‘frequency cocktail’ specific sound masking, intention, and state of consciousness.

The frequency cocktail

The sound therapy programs incorporate both digital and analog frequencies. 

​The frequency cocktail is a mix of single frequencies, binaural beats, isochronic tones, and scalar waves. They are arranged in a particular order following specific protocols of the therapy. 

Music masking

Music masking is the composition in which the frequency cocktail is blended in. It makes the healing journey pleasant for listening and creates a conducive atmosphere for shifting states of consciousness. The composition needs to be minimum 5  to 15 min long for the entrainment to take place.


The intention is the thought behind the sound. Jonathan Goldman, the pioneer of sound healing, states that it is as important as the sound itself and has created the famous formula:




It is important to raise awareness and create the the therapy mindfully. Having the intention in focus gives the healing process a direction of the outcome.

The state of consciousness

When taking responsibility of being a therapist it is important to constantly work on ourselves.  The therapist is the dominant vibration, and it needs to be neutral in order to bring balance and harmony to the client. That is why when creating sound therapy it is important to be in the zero field, the void from where everything is created.

The Blackbird method is created by Petra Crnetic in dedication to the therapeutic uses of sound and music. 

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