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Sound therapy helped me when being in extra low mental and emotional state. Petra is having an amazing approach. I kept on going with sound therapies through Sonic Pill sound therapies at home. From time to time, I am always coming back to Petra.

Marija (25)

I am going to Petra for 121 sessions for over a year now. Her therapies helped me get through a very difficult phase in my life. 

Sound therapy has a very strong impact, and

for me, it is like reset on all levels. It brings me a beautiful feeling of deep peace and emotional stability. 

Sonja (38)

I had Covid 19 in October 2020 and was suffering for months with post covid symptoms, chronic fatigue, and lack of lung capacity. I tried to help myself in several ways, but nothing worked. After the first couple of times attending Petra's sound therapy sessions, I felt much better, and after two months, the symptoms were completely gone. I would highly recommend Petra's therapy to anyone struggling with post covid symptoms. 

Anja (38)

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